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Markup Technology has designed an innovative extensible framework, MT Pipeline, for the pervasive use of XML both inside and outside the enterprise.

The Markup Technology XML Pipeline Framework is a new enterprise-class XML application development and execution framework. It supports a high performance approach to combining XML data collection, transformation and distribution to implement applications and provide web services. By addressing the need for XML processing it provides the key enabling technology for the next phase of development of XML. MT Pipeline is equally at home providing information integration within the enterprise (XML-based EAI) or providing XML-defined services outside the enterprise (Web Services).

XML applications consist of arrangements of XML data manipulation steps. We call these arrangements XML pipelines. The MT Pipeline graphical authoring tool makes it easy to define applications by defining pipelines. Pipeline definitions are themselves XML documents. The MT runtime environment executes these pipeline definitions in a robust and efficient fashion. We support the full life-cycle of pipeline definition, debugging, deployment, operation and maintenance.

The founders of Markup Technology are among the principal authors of the key XML standards that are the cornerstones of this vision. The company believes that its founders' knowledge and experience give it a distinct competitive advantage.